Thursday, November 19, 2009

9 months later...

No I'm not talking about the birth of a bouncing baby boy. I haven't posted on my blog in 9 months. 9 MONTHS!! I am ashamed of myself. Even though there isn't a soul who has ever or will ever read this, I am ashamed.
Enough groveling in sack clothe and ashes. There's alot going on in the tech world and frankly, I'm excited. Engadget is one of my daily doses of tech and last night @JoshuaTopolsky and his team just updated the site to a splendid magazine-like website. (P.S. you can follow me on Twitter @Tonymontana2367) Windows Mobile "something" is being previewed and beta tested, rumors of an Apple tablet are still raging. People just don't change huh?
Me? What am I doing? Well at the moment I'm skipping out on class blogging in the main lobby of the school campus. Right now I should be presenting a chapter of the book to the class as part of my final grade. As you might be able to tell, I just don't feel like doing that right now. Currently I'm taking Political Science classes. Something that I had thought I had a passion for. Guess not. It seems that every waking moment of free time I'm doing something connected to mobile technology. Sometimes it's tweaking with webOS, WinMo, dreaming about ChromeOS. Ok so I'm talking like I know stuff. I'd really love to learn more. That's why I'll be changing my major for college. I see guys like Topolsky, or Gartenburg. in Seattle one day and Jersey the next. I want that. I want to travel. I want to work with tech.
Reality check. I work in retail. Ha, yup. Another reason to put myself through school.
I am completely getting off topic from where my thought train was headed towards. I was thinking to myself earlier, asking why I created a blog if I had no idea what to put or why to put it. I then realized I created it because of the hype. Everyone and their mother had a blog. Blogs about vacation destinations, tech, the best silverware, everything. Lost and confused I knew I had to create one of my own. Today, I have something to say, and I'm saying it. There are things in this life that I want to do, experience. Places I want to be. Somebody once told me that the only two things in life that change you are the books you read and the people you meet. I find that statement to be astoundingly on the mark. You meet somebody, a friend, an acquaintance, and they affect your life in some small way. The same goes for books. The author has a message to convey, be the book fiction or non.

There about half a million loose ends in this blog. Maybe soon I'll tie them all together. Until then...cheers.

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