Friday, December 18, 2009

Aspirational Living

Two days later and five hundred dollars poorer I stand here before you.

From all the buzz on TopicStyle i was under the impression that the mayhem would start Thursday morning. I was off from work Thursday so I obviously was anxiously counting down the days. I should mention that my friend who works there saw the sign and told me it would be Wednesday. I thought he was right until I started reading rumors that hinted toward Thursday. I grew a bit suspicious about the exact day.

I wake up. Feet in slippers. Power up the Mac. "50% off everything in the Village" It was Wednesday morning.

Fumbling around the nonsense that lives on my nightstand I finally reached my Blackberry. I love my manager. She let allowed 30 minutes of latency off my scheduled punch in time. I quickly threw some clothes on and my way last trek to Woodfield Ruehl.

To make along story short, I spent over 700 bones on Ruehl's clearance. I had to.

The last haul to Greenwich Village brings my collection to include coats, sweaters, jeans, tees, and two loads of Signature.

Of course you must understand that none of that makes a person. It is not even a guaruntee of hapiness. Today, we celebrated Christmas at my uncle's. We had friends, family, and a whole lot of food there. I had a great time there. That's the kind of stuff that brings hapiness. It's about being with those you love, those who love you. There is much to come yet. Peace

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