Thursday, November 25, 2010


When Jobs first introduced the iPad I was shocked. I was more than shocked. I thought that the simliarities between it and other iOS devices were just too close and would fail miserably.

 How wrong I was.

As time passed I saw countless other companies mimicking, or at least trying to, Apple and their simple elegant product. Huawei, Samsung, Cruze, and countless others have tried their hand at bringing a product that delivers and they're just not doing it. Consumers and even some techies say "Oh, well Android is technically superior" and "I like having a variety of device form factors". You know what? Then buy one and pretend like you enjoy it.

It's been a truly enjoyable seven months with a very compelling device. iPad found more than a niche in my lifestyle, and was hard to permanently put down. But as is the way of Apple's yearly cycle of product. The holiday season is going to rush by and just beyond the corner is CES, Mobile World Congress, and finally the successor to a magical product.

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