Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have lived almost my entire life here in Elgin, IL. So far it has been good to me. Went to a private school, travelled the world, and have met many people.

In life, we must learn to be a part of many circles. Not tied down to one more so than the other. Maneuverability is a key of real social networking. Friendly with everyone while putting your trust in a select few. Many people I meet are open books. Letting out their most inner thoughts without even knowing who they are talking to.

Last week I came to the conclusion that Facebook was a meaningless waste of time for me. Society tells you to have an account to keep up with friends, right? After deep thought lasting roughly 3 minutes I decided to close mine. It was as if I had rattled a beehive. I could barely hear myself over the buzz of "friends" telling me not to leave. A few jokes and about a week later here I am, enjoying life without the chains of a social networking addiction. More time to think, time to do, time to spend with real friends.

Lastly, a quote by Robert Green's 48 Laws of Power...

In a world inundated with presence...we are awed by anyone who is able to disappear by choice. Robert Green

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