Monday, April 26, 2010

How I/Disconnected/And Lived to Tell the Story

About 20 days into my project and life just keeps getting better. There's no turning back.

Some time ago I realized I was addicted to a website we all know all facebook. I understood my addiction, what I had to do to free myself, and did it. I deactivated my account. At first I thought i was alone. An outcast, dissenter. I managed to convince two of my friends to do the same. Around that time buzz about facebook and privacy issues started to arise. I would read tweets and articles by the likes of Gartenberg, Gizmodo, and others realizing i wasn't alone in my strike against the book of face. Albeit I didn't leave because of privacy, I left because it was consuming my time on the web. Since then I've spread my time across multiple sites rather than allow one site to be preeminent. Yes, I do miss interactions with people I wouldn't normally see on a daily basis. Family, long distance friends, but there are ways around that. Remember there was a world before facebook.

I've said it once, I'll say it again. There's no turning back.

UPDATE: I'm back. 2 months was a decent run.

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